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  • So you have managed to book all your big vendors and have booked your venue, the videographer, and chosen the photographer, best one you could afford because you want your memories to last! You are able to release a big sigh of relief as planning is near to the end! By now your budget is either maxed out or close to is and there one tiny detail that you forgot.. Hair and Makeup!

  • To further add to your frustration is you can't believe how expensive your hair and makeup artists rates are! After all its just hair and makeup right? You spend thousands on hiring professionals especially your videographer and photographer but what a waste that would be if your makeup is sweating off your face and transferring on to your $10 Thousand dollar wedding dress, you cried saying your vows and you mascara runs! Cheap makeup artists are cheap for a reason. So If you don't think it matters,Trust me, IT MATTERS ON YOUR WEDING DAY.


  • While you need to factor in price and costs for all aspects of your wedding and booking out all your professional vendors and suppliers. Brides leave hair and makeup artists to one of the last things to decide on. When thinking about booking your hair and makeup artist, first and foremost, quality and reputation should come First over Price. Have a budget on what you expect to pay but be open to the flexibility of spending a little extra because it could be that extra $20 per person that makes all the difference between an amateur and a professional or maybe its someone who's cheaper but you don't feel comfortable with over someone who is more expensive but you click with them.

When choosing a hair and makeup artist, you need to keep in mind your taste and style in makeup. If soft, elegant and timeless makeup is your thing, going for someone who prefers/specialises in that style of makeup would be ideal.
Going through their website or Instagram pages and seeing reference images can help here and are also useful to save the looks that you like. Remember, look for QUALITY. . This can serve as a great guide of inspiration you can present to at your trial.
 Many hair and makeup artists a own signature style. So knowing the kind of hair and makeup you'd prefer is important before you select your hair and makeup artist for your big day. 


A hair and makeup trial is essential. Skipping a trial might save you some money, but trust me, the last thing you want on your wedding day is a makeup disaster. Even if it is time consuming and costs you some extra money, going in for a trial can save you a serious unforeseen shock.

It's important to get to know your hair and makeup artist to see if you get along with them, ensure they know their craft, it gives you the opportunity to express any changes and amendments to your look before you hand over your complete trust to them and their abilities on your wedding day. 

It is best to do your trial in quiet and private and don’t allow too many people in. This will only confuse you and your artists and lead to misunderstandings.

As mentioned previously, don't be motivated by price. quality and reputation should come first!
Ask yourself the question what it would it take for me to choose an artist that is outside my budget over someone who is in my price range?
Once you have that answer,  Pick the top 3 artists that you feel would be best suitable for the look you are after (regardless of the price) and arrange trials with them.


You've now been to a few hair and makeup trials and now you have to make a decision.

To help you with this follow this process:

The last thing you need is to be stuck with someone you just don't want around. It's important to find someone who will understand if you're not in the mood to talk or allow you to vent if that's what you need. The a hair and makeup artist’s first priority is to deliver the style you want, but also offer some moral support with the nerves leading up to the final hours so a balanced temperament is something to think about. You want someone you communicated easily with and naturally feel you could trust. 


Ask yourself, was i comfortable with on a personal level​​ with this person? 

A professional hair and makeup artists should be open books and allow you to express any concerns or changes you want made.  You should fee confident enough to ask them anything. 


Ask yourself did I feel comfortable and at ease raising concerns and changes with my artist?

Did they respond positivity? Were they open to suggestions?

Remember Quality and Reputation over Price? Review their website again to take a look at their work and read their reviews

Ask yourself Did I love their work?

 Was it professional quality?

How did it the end result make me feel?

Once you have finally answered the above questions, review their quote.


Ask yourself am I willing to be flexible with my budget to receive a stress free hair and makeup artist that I can trust and know ill be taken care of, be listened to and will get me the results I need to ensure my photos will last me a  lifetime?  

if you answered yes, I think you have your answer!
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